Online Counselling with Lizandra Leigertwood MA MBACP MNCS Accred.


Online Counselling means that you can stay connected and continue to work on your mental wellbeing and relationships.

It's a good alternative to working in person, not only during the current health pandemic but also in the future.

I offer online sessions for both individuals and couples, where you can book and pay for your sessions all online.


You can book a free no obligation telephone consultation by getting in touch via the contact page or sending me an email at


You can also see the frequently asked questions page to find the answer to your query.


Online Counselling; New Frame Counselling & Psychotherapy


How do I get started?

Follow the contact link and request the appointment you require

Choose your time slot

Fill in the confidential form

Pay in advance via secure encryption with Paypal or Stripe to secure your booking.

That's it. You'll receive a confirmation email to confirm your appointment.


Benefits of Online Counselling

Research suggests that therapy online is just as effective as in person counselling.

Online therapy means that you can choose the therapist that you feel is right for you, rather than make a choice out of logistics.

You can cut down on your carbon footprint and the time it takes to travel to and from your appointment.

You get to be in a comfortable environment, with less distractions at a time that suits you.

There is an element of further anonymity, as you do not live in the same area as your therapist so there is less chance of accidentally bumping into your therapist.



How should I prepare for my online counselling session?

Find a quiet space where you can talk privately with minimal distractions. If your home is a busy environment, consider sitting in the car for privacy.

Position your camera in a stable position so that your head and shoulders are within the frame.

Use headphones during your online counselling session. It helps with the sound quality and may offer another layer of confidentiality.

As there is no commute time after your session, you may want to take some time at the end of the session to process the therapy session and give yourself some personal time to reflect.


UK based Online Counselling with experienced counsellor

How do I know Online Counselling is right for me?


Online counselling is the right choice for you if you would like to start therapy, but need something that works with your busy lifestyle.

If you need practical support at your own convenience due to other commitments, you can still work on your emotional wellbeing without it taking out too much time from your day.

If you are a busy working professional or struggle with childcare then online therapy is the best way to still access therapy.