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Why you need to know about Attachment in Relationships

By Lizandra | 10:30 am

We all have our own attachment style in relationships and having a basic understanding of attachment is a really helpful tool to negotiate the intricacies of intimate relationships.
Knowing your attachment style helps you to identify your own role within relationships, in terms of what your own needs are and how to recognise your relational emotional wounds.
This means developing your self awareness and understanding what some of your tiggers in relationships might be.

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The Power of Authenticity

By Lizandra | 1:41 pm

With the power of authenticity, we have the power to be our true selves, evolving, messy, complicated, loving and a whole lot more. 
We all have different faces or personas that we present to the world, we have different aspects or different versions of who we are, it’s a part of being human that we’re full of complexities and paradox contradictions.  
There’s who you are with friends; relaxed, funny, happy, who you are with your family; dependable, loving, loyal, who you are at work, professional, rational, reliable. 
These parts are all versions that make up who we are, it’s what makes us individual, unique, it gives us our idiosyncrasies, personality and develops our sense of self.

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