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Lizandra Leigertwood MA, MBACP, MNCS Accred.


I have had the privilege of working with many clients who leave the therapy room feeling much lighter than when they first came. Working together, clients have been able the see the value in spending more time on themselves and improving their relationships. Here are just a few anonymised comments from previous clients. 


When I contacted Lizandra, the anxiety I’d been experiencing had got so bad that my medication had been increased and I had sleeping tablets as I had stopped being able to sleep. For the first time, I was also experiencing huge lethargy and lack of motivation to do anything. I dragged myself to work each day but was not functioning outside of work. Lizandra was friendly, warm and such a talented therapist. She knew when to ask me questions and when to allow me to reach my own conclusions. She helped me to explore my feelings around difficult experiences I have had and also helped me to reframe my ways of thinking about myself. I’ve talked about things that needed to come out in a safe, supportive place and I’ve got a range of strategies that are keeping me level. Plus, I know that if I struggle again I can go back. I feel stronger and calmer and would recommend Lizandra to anyone! 

Thank you so much.

– Client L


Lizandra helped me focus on what was important in my life, me. I have a lot of responsibility looking after my mother with little help from other family members. As a result I turned to alcohol and food for comfort and reward. She helped me unscramble my thoughts from my actions, to not be so reactive or feel totally responsible for everyone and their feelings. Slowly any guilt I felt went away so did the need to reward my self with bad things, to not be in a box looking out but start to ask for help, say no and take time to look after myself. 

– Client G


After an unsuccessful experience with somewhat rigid and structured therapy many years ago, I decided to reach out to a therapist again to see if I could make it work. Lizandra was very accommodating of the fact that I’d struggled with it previously and has built the sessions over what actually gets results for me personally. I am able to talk about a wide range of different topics, whilst Lizandra is able to help bring these themes together to get to the underlying issues.

She is excellent at helping me understand the things I need to change for myself to feel better and the things that I should value about myself. In a very short space of time we have come away with concrete next steps, and have appreciated the space to work through those.

– Client S


I went to visit Lizandra to address trust and relationship issues I had; after just one session I was on the road to recovery.

Lizandra is a a true professional who helped guide me through my thoughts and come to help me realise the real issues that I had to come to terms with. She helped me cap the amount of sessions I required to a manageable amount without becoming overwhelming which helped me conclude my thoughts in a rounded manner.

Thank you so much for your help.

 – Client L


We really recommend Lizandra! We are a couple who was looking into improving the quality of the relationship. Lizandra helped use to recognize each other’s needs and offered tools to overcome challenges. 

– Client A & M  

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